Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Mon Apr 18 19:38:50 PDT 2005

DJ Lucas wrote:

> So left is only OpenOffice, which had a few more enums, plus
> the jurt fix I forgot about in my conglomeration patch that I made last
> night.  I deleted my original patches so I had to go find it again.
> Anyway, it's compiling unohelper now so not much longer...

Speaking of OO, I have a minor issue.  While waiting for your update, I
went ahead and installed a binary version.  In KDE, I can create an icon
and it starts in about 4 seconds.  However, there is something else
happening that indicates a second process is starting for about 30
seconds and then stops.  This behavior does not occur when starting from
an xterm.

I've found that 30 second delays usually indicate a dns timeout, so I
started ethereal and watched.  There are no packets being sent from the
system so that isn't it this time.

Any ideas?

  -- Bruce

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