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Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Apr 18 12:55:38 PDT 2005

M.Canales.es wrote these words on 04/18/05 14:39 CST:

> There is no look changes in the HTML, only XML changes, except to render the 
> "Short Descriptions" as a table, but that change was already accepted by 
> Bruce before BLFS-6.0 release, and to use italic font for 
> user/group/filesystem names.
> For the PDF, the look change is to made the "cat .. EOF" commands like the 
> ones in the HTML.
> If some look change is wanted (like a different look for commands executed by 
> root), or others XML changes, then you could ask to me to implement it.
> But the question isn't if implement my propossed chages or not. Is to define 
> an standarized use of tags in BLFS that, as a plus, could allow to us to make 
> look changes in the future without big XML changes, and that could do most 
> easy the migration to DocBookNG (DocBook 5.0) and XSL2.

Thanks for the great explanation of your proposed changes, Manuel.
It all sounds good to me, though I don't see the advantage in a table
format for the 'Short Descriptions'. Seems it is improper use of a
table to me. According to the W3C, tables are supposed to be used to
present data via HTML, and not for presentation of a list.

However, I suppose it could be said that the 'Short Descriptions'
is a list of data. But it would be a stretch. :-)


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