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M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Apr 18 12:39:06 PDT 2005

El Lunes, 18 de Abril de 2005 20:59, Randy McMurchy escribió:

> Were you able to make some sort of test-render as to what your
> proposed changes would look like? I was confused about some of the
> stuff you mentioned. I was hoping that there was something we could
> look at, to help us make a determination.

There is no look changes in the HTML, only XML changes, except to render the 
"Short Descriptions" as a table, but that change was already accepted by 
Bruce before BLFS-6.0 release, and to use italic font for 
user/group/filesystem names.

For the PDF, the look change is to made the "cat .. EOF" commands like the 
ones in the HTML.

If some look change is wanted (like a different look for commands executed by 
root), or others XML changes, then you could ask to me to implement it.

But the question isn't if implement my propossed chages or not. Is to define 
an standarized use of tags in BLFS that, as a plus, could allow to us to make 
look changes in the future without big XML changes, and that could do most 
easy the migration to DocBookNG (DocBook 5.0) and XSL2.

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