LessTif - A Window Manager?

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Apr 17 09:10:02 PDT 2005

Matthew Burgess wrote these words on 04/17/05 10:42 CST:

> The only thing I have at the moment that uses Lesstif is `xpdf', and 
> that certainly doesn't care about the window manager portion of Lesstif :-)

Well, to counter this, I'll say that at the moment on a system I
am building up, I have the choice of using twm or mwm as my choice
of window managers.

I choose mwm, hands down. It is much easier to work with. Just because
you don't use the window manager portion of the package, Matt, doesn't
mean that others don't. :-)

I really don't have a preference on where the package is located in
the book, however. I just wanted to throw this out, in case there
were others that were thinking the same thing. I'll defer to your
opinion and the fact that it already is located in libs, so someone
at some point made the decision once.

Thanks for the input, Matt.


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