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El Domingo, 17 de Abril de 2005 01:11, Randy McMurchy escribió:

> Doesn't matter to me. My question is, why do you want to go through
> all this work, for something that won't be seen by anyone after the
> book is rendered in either PDF or HTML or otherwise? It just seems
> like you're going to an awful lot of trouble with absolutely nothing
> gained from it.

The gain is a more cleaned XML sources. Now is very hard to read some 
application names in the sorces and a simple six characters word need a full 
text line due the tagging.

> Well, I for one, *really like* the difference in the command presentation
> versus the "cat ... EOF presentation". It offsets commands that are
> typed versus information in files.

I also like that difference. But I like it also in the PDF. That is the reason 
for my propposal.

> I didn't like section numbers. I think it looks crummy. To me, it
> really clutters up the book. Perhaps you need to place a test page
> somewhere rendered with your proposed changes to the [sect3] and
> [sect4] tags, so that I can understand what you mean. But that
> doesn't mean I would then care for section numbers. :-)

That change is only required in we want section numbers. Are needed to reduce 
the number of <sect*> to be processed and prevent that the related titles 
will be numbered.

> Again, not sure what you mean. However, I do like the way the
> Contents and Description looks now. Why do we need to change it?
> What do we gain?

See the table format used in LFS.

> And to me, the LFS way is bad grammar. Some sentences with
> punctuation and some without. It is not consistent, and using the
> reference about a "list" that Matt mentioned, I don't see it so
> much as a list. I see it as a term, with a well-structured sentence
> following it. The way I would bet most professional publications
> would do it.

In that, and in the packages name capitalizacion in the Index, I have no 
preferences, only pointing the issue to can take a decision.
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> Randy
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> > Lastly (for now), I want to add some new inline tags, basically
> > <systemitem class="...."> for user/group names and filesystems.
> Again, perhaps an example of what it would like like rendered would
> be helpful.

See chapter04/addinguser.html from the LFS book.

> Thanks in advance for helping out with the formatting of the book,
> Manuel, and welcome to the group, if I've not already mentioned it.

Thanks :-)

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