kde gl screensavers

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Sat Apr 16 22:14:32 PDT 2005

Igor Zivkovic wrote:

> Are you sure it wasn't the GLUT library that was missing? Xorg and XFree                             
> both come with complete Mesa included.                                                                                                        

No, I had freeglut installed.  I can duplicate the problem my moving the
libGL* files out of /usr/local/lib and restore functionality by putting
them back.

> The standard location for the OpenGL libraries as per the Linux/OpenGL                               
> ABI specification is /usr/lib. Xorg/XFree in their self-centered world                               
> got it wrong as usual.

OK.  I can work with that.  Right now the issue is whether to mention
mesa at all.  I'm inclined to at least mention it.  I don't know if the
mesa install breaks anything else.  I don't know what to test it with
other than the kde screensavers.

  -- Bruce

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