mozilla headers (was: hal and dbus)

DJ Lucas dj at
Sat Apr 16 19:09:44 PDT 2005

Jeremy Utley wrote:

> Gaim also has a weird dependency situation - it wants either gnutls or
> mozilla's nss libs to enable the msn protocol support - if you don't
> need MSN support, then these are not needed - not sure how you'd put
> that into the book.

Which also brings up a point about mozilla headers.  I don't have the
full suite installed, I need only the browser and mail portions.  Ximian
OOo src680 wanted nss/* nspr/* and ldap/ldap.h from mozilla.  I wound up
symlinking nss, nspr and ldap from /usr/include/thundrbird-1.0 to
/usr/include IIRC.  Before I got to the ldap error however, I had used
the firefox versions.  Might consider putting these symlinks in as I
think gaim used them too, but I'm not sure how best to write about the
headers in the book.  I think a single mozilla -> thunderbird-1.0 would
have sufficed, but I'm not sure as I did it on the fly.  I'll test and
get back to yas.  I just wanted to bring it up so I don't forget about
it again.


-- DJ Lucas

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