OpenOffice-1.1.4 & JDK-1.5.0

DJ Lucas dj at
Sat Apr 16 18:56:55 PDT 2005

Okay it works...and startup time is considerably faster, though I've
changed some build options from what is in the book.  Which brings me to
a couple of quick questions.

jdk-1.5.0:  The sed works, with about 150 or so javac warnings.  Thanks
to Ximian's 64 bit build of OOo-1.1.4, there are jdk-1.5.0 patches
availible.  We need at least two patches from thier patchset either way,
but one gigantic patch, or a much smaller patch with an added sed and
lots of warnings from javac.  Which is better?

gpc vs libart:  I can't see a good reason for gpc over libart.  If
somebody can point me to a discussion, that would be great, else I'm
thinking libart since it's already in BLFS.

STL-Port will be upgraded to 4.6.2 because of gcc-3.4 issues, and will
be installed durring the OOo build.

The installation requests a motif2.1's  This is installed
with the jdk/jre but is not found in the library search path.  Since
it's needed at runtime, I'd immagine a symlink in /usr/lib in the jdk
installation instructions would be appropriate, but I figured I'd ask if
anyone has problems with this approach before it's done.  I can't see
any problems, but it seems that I've seen this lib many times before,
but I can't place it and it was not in the usual places on my system.

Comments are greatly appreciated.

-- DJ Lucas

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