LessTif Tests

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Apr 16 09:28:29 PDT 2005

Hi all,

Does anyone know what Billy was thinking when the original instructions
were written for the LessTif package concerning "Testing LessTif"

The instructions say to "test the installation" by simply building
the test suite. These instructions are in a separate section after
the building and installation section. It implies somehow that it
tests the *installed* files in /usr, yet this isn't the case, as best
as I can tell.

The test suite builds the same whether it is done before, or after,
the 'make install' command.

This has always confused me, in that how could it be "testing the
installation", simply by building the test suite.

I cannot find any documentation anywhere about this on the LessTif
site of the Sourceforge LessTif site.

Seems if one wanted to test the build, he would build the testsuite
*and* run the tests.



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