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DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Apr 14 21:52:12 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:

> I'm going to try to work out the FOP issues, as it may be some
> time before a new version is released. OpenOffice probably will
> contain fixes for the JDK-1.5 sometime soon.

I'm not seeing any notes pointing towards a 1.1.5 at all...but looking
to May for 2.0 last I heard.

> So, we could update BLFS to the new JDK and just put notes in
> the FOP and OpenOffice instructions that the 1.4.2 version of
> the JDK is required.

Yes this should be fine for now...but why upgrade if it'll cause
problems?  AFAIK, the 1.4.2 is fine for everything right now.  Only
people that need 1.5.0 will be devs, and they can figure it out from the
previous patches or just use the binary.  I'll go back into the old OOo
and see if I can figure out how dmake's patch command works again for
the java code there (see -source below).  Of course, I could just make
deltas for testing and avoid dmake all together for the
moment...assuming I can get a successful build.  ooo-build is currently
looking at src680 so not a lot of help there for OOo-1.1.4.

> I believe DJ is miles ahead of me on the JDK stuff, but I have been
> using the JDK-1.5 for some time now and haven't encountered any
> issues.

Definately not miles ahead, especially now, but actually I think the
majority of projects (baring OOo for now) should be able to be built
with the option '-source 1.4' (or 1.3) passed to javac (source=1.4 in
javac block of build.xml for projects that take advantage of ant).  This
was not the case with fop as I got it to build IIRC, but had test
failures...  OOo's big problem lies in my previous mis-understanding of
dmake.  Most others are 1.5 happy now anyway.  Also, I apear to have an
ant problem with src680 builds (OOo-1.9.x builds) claiming that it can't
find the ant libs, while many other packages that use ant have no
problem.  Something is amiss there leaving me unable to test jdk-1.5.0
with OOo cvs.  I'm quietly working on it in the background, though I
must say that I do like the gtk only builds of OOo (which ofcourse don't
need ant).  Unfortunately, m88 was my last build.  I'll grab a snap
tonight and see if I can get passed the ant failures tomorrow, I'll also
take a quick peek at fop now that I have a fresh and clean java
environment to work with.

-- DJ Lucas

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