Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Thu Apr 14 15:08:48 PDT 2005

As I review the book, I see quite a variation in SBU precision.  In some 
cases  the value is specified as one significant digit (e.g. ed -> 
0.02).  In other cases the value is specified as four significant digits
(e.g. kdemultimedia 13.17).

These values really overspecify the point and the high precision is a 
bit misleading.  I am presenting a suggestion for discussion:

SBUs less then 0.1 should be specified as:

   Estimated build time: < 0.1 SBU

SBUs between 9.9 and 0.1 (inclusive) should be rounded to one decimal:

   Estimated build time: 6.7 SBU

SBUs greater than 10 should be rounded to whole numbers:

   Estimated build time: 12 SBU


   -- Bruce

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