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Wed Apr 13 10:15:22 PDT 2005

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005 john_linux at wrote:

> Might also have somewhere statements that if you have installed
> package ABC (GNOME), package XYZ has met all of its required packages.
> John Gnew

 Except, that _optional_ packages are another matter entirely.  I used
to ignore sound packages because I didn't have the hardware.  Now that
I've got the hardware, there is a veritable cats-cradle of optional
dependencies for gnome and kde - my first thought was to stick sound and
video stuff in very early on (so I could play local files as soon as
possible), until I found an optional (I think) dependency on X in one of
the ogg dependencies.

 We don't seem to be a lot closer to listing what the optional
dependencies will do.  Some seem fairly obvious, others not.

 Also, some of the gnome applications will happily compile without
certain packages, but if the packages aren't present at run time the
features will be broken (e.g. 'help' or 'about' functions in e.g.
gnumeric can require yelp and "epiphany").

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