Book Reorganization

john_linux at john_linux at
Wed Apr 13 06:57:17 PDT 2005

I would like to recommend leaving the book the same with the exception of moving a few of the items that have been mentioned on this list. The current grouping makes it easy to look for a certian topic to find software applications. 

What would be benificial is a checklist to follow to install XYZ package. 

A while back I did the GNOME install. I got through it by following the various required and some optional packages but in some cases you get multiple levels deep following required packages and forget where you started. And, sometimes your not sure if you installed something or not. 

I am not sure how this checklist could be organized. Maybe seperate sections for KDE, GNOME, SSH, server vs desktop, secure setup, etc...  The checklist could have a box or a line to check in the left column that could be used if someone were to print the list. The text for each line item should have the link back to the package along with a short description.

Might also have somewhere statements that if you have installed package ABC (GNOME), package XYZ has met all of its required packages.

John Gnew

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