Book Reorganization

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Tue Apr 12 22:33:04 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Jeremy Utley wrote these words on 04/12/05 23:23 CST:
> Alphabetical serves no useful purpose, when it contradicts the
> proper build order. At least that's my opinion, anyway.

We can go back to the other order, but I put those sections in alpha 
order because of a problem I was having.  I am building a new system and 
am selecting what packages I want as I go.  I'm not building everything 
but adding what I need incrementally.

I've built over a hundred packages in the last week.  What I found was 
that I was continually scanning the TOC for packages.  The size of the 
TOC and the non-alpha order made it difficult for me to quickly find the 
package I wanted.  When I did find the package, I went there and 
followed the dependency links.  I did not want to "build everything in 

Please note that I did not update every chapter.  The KDE and GNOME 
sections are designed to be built in the presented order.  I changed 
only the Servers section and the Programming chapter.

 From a cursory review, it looks like you are complaining about three 

   doxygen depends on Python
   expect depends on tcl and tk
   ruby depends on tk

Of these, doxygen and ruby have forward references out of the chapter.

I don't see any packages in the servers section where the order of 
packages is significant.

Please sit back and relax.  Consider another view.  I'll certainly 
consider yours. What really is the impact?

   - Bruce

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