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Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Apr 12 21:32:05 PDT 2005

Jeremy Utley wrote these words on 04/12/05 23:23 CST:

> [snip]
> That's the order my ALFS profile for BLFS runs's not 100%
> perfect, and it doesn't include everything, but it'll at least maybe
> help you guys get a start on things.

Thanks for the input Jeremy, however, I'm not so much looking for
a "start on things", as much as I'd like to see it the way it was.

The sections were organized in the order that the packages should
be built, and now they are alphabetical.

We can't do anything about the packages that are dependencies of
another that are in a different sections, but for packages that
are dependencies in the same section, they should be organized so
that the dependencies are listed first.

Alphabetical serves no useful purpose, when it contradicts the
proper build order. At least that's my opinion, anyway.


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