Book Reorganization

Torsten Vollmann Torsten at
Tue Apr 12 13:59:18 PDT 2005

Well, I pretty much hoped I had more time to prepare for this, but since
Randy brought it up here we go. (gonna be a long one...)

Randy McMurchy wrote:

> In my opinion, the book should represent the proper build order
> more than an alphabetical order.

+1 !!

I spend the last couple of weeks thinking about the order in which things
are beeing build. Like Randy already pointed out I too would like to have a
step by step kind of build. My posts regarding the movement of openssh to
secuity and the swapping of libmng and lcms point to this direction.

I know not every dependency could be met, but at least the whole process
could be more intuitive...

When reading the following please keep in mind that I only build a subset of
the packages (the ones I need for my system) and so there is quite a chance
this messes up with somebody elses way of building - so don't tear my head
of and see this as a first draft. Here's what I would very much like to

1.: (easy) The in-one-chapter order of packages should be in a
as-good-as-possible dependency meeting state (This is what Randy said about
gcc for example)

2.: (quite easy) move chapter 11 (SysUtils) to before chapter 8 for some
packages are required by the packages in chapters 8-10. If I'm not mistaken
this should only mess with the "MC" req. of "glib".

3.: (medium) move the packages not requiring "X" from the multimedia section
either to chapter 9 or to a new one (maybe "multimedia libraries"?). This
gains some clearity for people not wanting any X on their system.

4.: (medium) move the rest of the multimedia section (e.g. the packages
requiring "X") between building X and KDE/GNOME so the multimedia
requirements of the latter could be met (I'm actually using KDE but I think
this would help GNOME to)

I know this messes a little with the organized strucure of the book, but I
think it would help. After all this is just a first draft und needs a lot
more thinking...

To keep the structure of the book a little more easy to comprehend, I would
favor a reorganisation to a 4-part book with every part having the same
structure, meaning:

Split the book into "libraries/console-tools", "X/x-apps", "KDE/KDE-apps",
"GNOME/GNOME-apps" in general

and have maybe "security", "utils", "programming", "multimedia",
"networking" and alike chapters in every part and some specific chapters in
only one part like "content serving" in "console-tools".

This again is a little rough but maybe it makes the people really good at
this (yes you) think about it and come up with a better idea :-)

OK, folks, that's it. Hope I don't grasp a hornet's nest and also my head is
still where it belongs tomorrow :-)



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