Addition to Chapter 25 - X window System Environment

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Fri Apr 8 13:17:31 PDT 2005

DJ Lucas wrote:

> This has turned into a bit more than the original suggestion of z axis
> for the mouse. :-)  In time it certainly sounds good, but in the
> interim, would an additional heading on the X Windows System Components
> page, "Additional Configuration" and A brief paragraph on what to find
> at the link provided suffice?  For instance, a dual head setup would
> have me completely lost ATM.  While I do have the hardware availible,
> I've never had the need to set it up, but it sounds like as good an
> excuse as any to try it out. :-)  I'll BZ it for later and add the title
> and short paragraph to the componenets page if this sounds ok for now.

Yes it has.  It's something I have wanted to add for a while.  I'd also 
like to add some more on X resources, but that is beyond what we've been 

How about this:  Add a page with limited discussion and add the links to 
the other pages.  Then we can expand the configuration page as desired 
without affecting other pages.  If you want me to, I can add the page and 
the links tonight and you can put in the initial content.

   -- Bruce

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