Addition to Chapter 25 - X window System Environment

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Fri Apr 8 12:18:32 PDT 2005

DJ Lucas wrote:

  But where to put it?  I'm looking at the source for
> the configuring x page, and there is not a logical place for it.  Maybe
> a new sub-section for tweaking the x-config file defaults?  Looking now,
> I think it's always kinda lacked in that area.  It's just second nature
> to tweak the config file for my liking, I never took notice to it before
> now.  Probably need to mention screen, monitor and device sections
> too...or just give the links in the "Additional Configuration" section.
>  I think that'll work well.

If you want to do this, I believe an additional section between XFree86 and 
X Window System Components would be apropriate and links in both the Xorg 
and XFree sections pointing to the new section would be appropriate.

The book section should take each section of the config file and provide an 
example.  For instance, there can be discussion about multiple ServerLayout 
sections (and how to use them), a discussion of what modules should/can go 
in the Modules section, how to set up the Device section for the user's 
video driver, including multi-head operation, and a discussion of the 
Screen section would be appropriate.  Of course a reference to man 
xorg.conf or man XF86Config is apropriate.

A good list of references for XFree86 is at Unfortunately, I don't know of an 
equivalent xorg page, but the info is mostly the same.

   -- Bruce

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