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Thu Apr 7 15:31:45 PDT 2005

Steffen R. Knollmann wrote these words on 02/24/05 23:38 CST:

>   Okay, here we go:

First off, I'd like to publicly thank Steffen for providing
these instructions. Without them, I don't think I would have
figured all this out. But mostly, from a personal standpoint,
his instructions, and my research to figure out what the hell
all those TeX commands were doing, providing me with a better
understanding of the TeX internals.

Thanks, Steffen, your help on this was greatly appreciated.

>   I'd like to see the hardcoded /usr/share/texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf
> thingies changed to `kpsewhich texmf.cnf` ;-) But that's not that
> important.

Done. I ended up using the kpsewhich command wherever I could
in the instructions. This way, if someone installed their TeX
into something other than /usr, everything will still work.

>   /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/config would be now ../texmf-dist/..
> instead of ../texmf/..

Hmmmmm... This is the only one I didn't get. The default TeX
installation doesn't create this directory, and the config
dir isn't used anymore in the JadeTex instructions, so I'm not
worrying about it.

>   The step with copying the config directory seems to be not necessary,
> that's what fmtutil-sys is for :-)

Indeed it is. :-)

> fmtutil-sys --byfmt latex


>   This then leads to some hic-ups with the jadetex Makefile, because the
> latex.fmt is normally generated by etex and that leads to a '(Fatal
> format file error. I'm stymied)'; but that can be cured[1]:
> make basic

Changed to just 'make', as make basic is the default.

> mkdir -p `kpsewhich -expand-var '$TEXMFLOCAL'`/tex/jadetex/config
> cp dsssl.def jadetex.ltx \
>   `kpsewhich -expand-var '$TEXMFLOCAL'`/tex/jadetex
> cp jadetex.ini pdfjadetex.ini \
>   `kpsewhich -expand-var '$TEXMFLOCAL'`/tex/jadetex/config
>   Fire up your favourite editor
> $EDITOR `kpsewhich fmutil.cnf`
>   and add the following two lines
> jadetex    pdfetex  -  "&latex"     jadetex.ini
> pdfjadetex pdfetex  -  "&pdflatex"  pdfjadetex.ini

Instead, I used cat which doesn't require any manual editing.
All of the above commands used in the new instructions, though.

>   Now run
> mktexlsr
> fmtutil-sys --byfmt jadetex
> fmtutil-sys --byfmt pdfjadetex
> mktexlsr
>   to create the format files. They are automagically placed in
> `kpsewhich -expand-var '$TEXMFSYSVAR'`/web2c

Indeed they are. How cool!

> (I am not sure if the last
> mktexlsr is needed).

I think it is, as without it, Tex wouldn't know about the new
jadetex and pdfjadetex .fmt files. So the above 4 commands are
used exactly as you say.

>   Finally create the symlinks (note that is {pdf,}*e*tex):
> ln -v -sf `which etex` /your/bin/dir/jadetex
> ln -v -sf `which pdfetex` /your/bin/dir/pdfjadetex


>   and everything should be set.

Yes, it was perfect.

>   I'd love to actually test it by running jadetex on something, but the
> documention (jadetex-3.13/doc) doesn't work that well, since the
> translation from xml to tex fails due to not finding this docbook-stuff.
> But jadetex runs on the crumbled .tex that I managed to trick jade into.

I created a tarball of the OpenJade test demo files and placed into
the JadeTex instructions a note to download this and then run some
test commands to create .dvi and .pdf files from the demo.sgm file.

Works like a charm. Again, thanks for your help, Steffen.


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