Error in firewalling?

Andrew Benton andy at
Tue Apr 5 02:49:42 PDT 2005

Giulio Daprelà wrote:
> In the file /postlfs/security/firewalling.xml there is the following sentence:
> To provide the maximum security for the firewall itself, make sure
> that there are no unnecessary servers running on it such as X11 et al.
> My english is not very strong, but i don't understand if there is a
> secret meaning in the last two words or it is an error. :-)
I don't see any secret meanings or error. Perhaps you should have asked this on the 
BLFS Support list?
> In the bracket that follows this sentence there is the word "daemin".
> Is it a new word I didn't know or is it an error?
That should probably be spelt daemon

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