Licensing for NcFTP

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Apr 4 17:21:12 PDT 2005

Ken Moffat wrote these words on 04/04/05 18:55 CST:
>  Looking at the book for ncftp (which seems to be stuck at 3.1.7 - the
> canonical site appears to have had 3.1.8 for some months) - I can
> vaguely remember that there used to be something funny about the
> licensing on this, so I looked in the source to see what the alternative
> was to using the Clarified Artistic License, and indeed what license
> would apply to linking other code against the shared library.
> ( the book specifically mentions the Clarified Artistic License, but
> only in relation to building and using the shared library )
>  Now I'm confused - the only license I can see is the Clarified
> Artistic, which implies that both build methods have the same license ?
> And where are the restrictions for linking other code against the shared
> library ?

I asked about this same thing a few months back. Here is the
answer I received (you can search the archives for the thread):

"The license text is definately still needed - libncftp is NOT a free
library, but use of it for the NcFTP program itself is under the
Clarified Artistic License.  Other use is free for
educational/non-profit, or a $499 license fee otherwise."


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