DocBook XML DTD-4.4

Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Apr 1 13:24:04 PST 2005

Matthew Burgess wrote these words on 04/01/05 09:52 CST:

>  > 1. The 4.4 DTD renders the BLFS book just fine. I've been using it
>  > for a month with no issues I can notice.
> Yep, the DTD shouldn't affect rendering at all - it simply states what 
> elements are allowed within other elements, and what general type of 
> content they can contain is. i.e. it's only going to cause problems when 
> validating the sources against the DTD using something like `xmllint'.
> Having said that, the 4.x series are well into maintenance mode now, and 
> won't contain any backward incompatible changes so your 4.3 Docbook 
> sources will be compatible with the 4.4 DTD too without changes.

This may be true with the XML DTD, however, I found out on the SGML
side that there are compatibility issues. I just recently updated the
libusb package and they switched from the 3.1 DTD to the 4.2 DTD. I
didn't think too much about it, as I had the rewrite statements to
point the 4.2 DTD to my installed 4.4 version.

The make puked during the creation of the docs. I then installed the
4.2 DTD, removed the rewrite statements from the catalog and the make
was successful.

Not trying to argue your point, just passing along what I found out.
I put the specific 4.2 SGML DTD version as an optional requirement
for the libusb package.

>  > 2. Belgarath has the 4.4 DTD installed.
> Yes, it has.
>  > 3. The LFS book is using the 4.4 DTD in current SVN trunk sources.
> Yes, it is.

Thanks for the info, Matt. This makes it official that the
conversion of the XML BLFS sources to the 4.4 DTD will happen
Sunday night.


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