Some packages I'd like to see added

DJ Lucas dj at
Fri Dec 31 11:01:47 PST 2004

On Thu, 2004-12-30 at 09:28 -0800, Jim Gifford wrote:
> To me it seems, you guys add what you want to add. Somethings programs 
> that are really useful in securing a system are left out like VPN 
> solutions.

I was wanting to add this after 6.0.  Unfortunatley, I did not see the
suggestions for VPN software.  If you'd care to write it up, it'd be

> Suggestions seem to be ignored, like my xinetd.d setup, which would 
> follow the .d scheme, which no developer replied to or even acknowledge, 
> check lfs-dev.

As already mentioned elsewhere, I suppose nobody had an interest in
doing the work involved with it....not that it's a bad idea, just that
there is an awful lot to be done to get it right.  

> The only instructions that seem to be complete is my instructions that 
> you guys used for Courier, everything else gets the program working but 
> no real instructions on how to configure it.

Complete?  You left out LDAP, Shared Calendaring, Shared address books
(flat file and LDAP or sql), themes for sqwebmail, spamassassin (+10
other spam filters), complete configuration of all 20 of the virus
scanners availible, and all the possible methods for authentication
including the retina, voice and fingerprint auth.  ;-)  

Please understand that I'm not picking on your instructions.  The point
is that it's only one configuration out of fifty (probably more)
configurations that there is absolutely no way to include in the
book....well unless we want a 200 page chapter on courier alone.  The
same for the other mail software packages. Configure it to get it
working with system users should give the end user enough of a feel for
the configuration to dig up the proper docu and get it going for their
purpose.  Anything beyond that is generally, as it should be, left to
other availible documentation such as hints, developers documentation,
mailing lists, etc.

-- DJ Lucas

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