Some packages I'd like to see added

Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Dec 31 10:06:18 PST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> I don't care either way, mind you, I just felt my time was better
>> utilized in improving the book in other ways, than to spend a
>> bunch of time redoing what already works.
> I won't dispute that; I would only suggest that instead of wording it 
> this way, you might choose to say:
> I don't have time to convert all the existing packages in the book that 
> have xinetd-related instructions, but Jim, if you're willing to create a 
> patch to do that, we'll consider converting the book over en masse.
> Then the other editors can look at what's actually involved and whether 
> it would cause an ongoing maintenance burden. Is that reasonable?

Of course. The community has always had the privilege of sending
in book patches to be reviewed, and possibly integrated. I think at
this late point, it would be something that shouldn't be attempted
until after the release of BLFS-6.0 though.

But that's just my opinion. If another editor has the time to test
the patch, and the affected packages, perhaps it could get in for


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