Some packages I'd like to see added

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Thu Dec 30 06:47:07 PST 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:

> Jeremy Utley wrote:
>> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>>> Jeremy Utley wrote:
>>>> You add stuff that very FEW people will ever need to touch, like 
>>>> Apache ANT, Sysstat.  You've got 6 different web browsers included 
>>>> in BLFS, but no messaging.  People ask us on the irc support WHY 
>>>> there's not instructions for this stuff in BLFS.
>>> These things need to come to BLFS support and *not* the irc support.
>> Oh joy, here we go, another battle about the work we do on IRC.  You 
>> do realize that we do support BLFS issues on IRC as well, right?
> I don't. And won't. And that is my decision. If you wish to support
> BLFS issues on irc, feel free to do so. I have much to offer in the
> way of support, perhaps if you directed some of the questions you
> get to support, and they're properly answered there, you wouldn't
> get the questions any more.
> As a favor, I'm asking you to direct questions you receive on irc
> to support, where they will be answered and archived.
> And just so I know, how many BLFS guys are supporting issues using
> IRC?
Come on Randy, we are all supposed to be a team here!  It's not 
important WHERE the support comes from, what's important is that our 
users get the support they need!  *IF* there's something that requires 
attention in the book, rest assured it WILL be brought to you guy's 
attention.  But, those of us on the IRC support channel will not ask 
people to go to the lists when it's something we can answer ourselves - 
that's just doing a dis-service to the user - making them wait for hours 
for an answer from the mailing list rather than getting the information 
they need from us.

As far as BLFS developers on IRC....DJ comes on occasionally, as does 
Archaic.  More often, they're just chatting with the rest of the 
development community, rather than providing help to others.

Now, my question to the BLFS developers:  What exactly is BLFS?  Is it 
hard to install packages, or is it instructions to build packages that 
make the bare bones LFS system more functional?  At last check, many of 
the BLFS packages are rather simple builds, but the instructions are 
still there, so I have always assumed that the goal of BLFS is to 
provide instructions for a more well-rounded system.  If I'm wrong, then 
I apologize for the noise in suggesting packages, and also recommend 
removing those packages that are simple cmmi builds.


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