r3158 - in trunk/BOOK: introduction/welcome x/installing xsoft/suites

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Dec 30 01:02:20 PST 2004

DJ Lucas wrote:

> If the ooo-builds are any indication of what to expect for 2.0,
> things should be much easier soon enough.

Aha - someone with ooo-build experience :)  I'm trying to build 
OOo-1.1.3 using ooo-build (because of the gcc-3.4 fixes), but it would 
appear to *require* PAM.  Because of the automation of ooo-build I can't 
seem to apply the no-pam patch currently in BLFS.  Has anyone else 
worked around this, without installing PAM?  Is this better sent to 



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