r3158 - in trunk/BOOK: introduction/welcome x/installing xsoft/suites

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Dec 29 20:15:37 PST 2004

On Wed, 2004-12-29 at 22:03 -0400, Anderson Lizardo wrote:

> I think there's a typo here. it should be "basename" instead of "basname".

Hmm...spellchecker don't typically catch commands...or rather it was a
command and I quickly skipped past it. 

> Anyway, maybe the following commands can substitute the "for" block above, for 
> simplicity:
> cp /opt/openoffice/share/gnome/net/ooo645*.destktop /usr/share/applications/
> rename ooo645 ooo /usr/share/applications/ooo645*.desktop
> Note: I think It's also a good idea to use the "ooo645*.desktop" pattern 
> instead of just ooo645* so It's made clear that we are copying just .desktop 
> files.

Yes, it's easier on the eyes and easier to understand.  I thought at
first you were questioning removing the release number....done so that
updates will replace the old files.  Though, I wonder if we'll ever have
to worry about anything other than 645 release with 2.0 coming along as
it is.  If the ooo-builds are any indication of what to expect for 2.0,
things should be much easier soon enough.  No stlport as of a few weeks
ago, jdk-1.5.0 changes are mostly in already, build system is started
from the root directory with typical CMMI, native dialog boxes for gtk2
and/or qt, much more....looks fun. :-)    

> Another suggestion: I think the following snippet:
> cd solver/645/unxlngi4.pro/pck &&
> for i in ../../../../../helpcontent_*_unix.tgz
>   do tar -xvzf $i
>   done &&
> cd ../../../../instsetoo &&
> rm -rf unxlngi4.pro &&
> cd .. &&
> bash -c "source LinuxIntelEnv.Set.sh ; dmake"
> Can be simplified to:
> for i in ../helpcontent_*_unix.tgz
>   do tar -C solver/645/unxlngi4.pro/pck -xvzf $i
>   done &&
> rm -rf instsetoo/unxlngi4.pro &&
> bash -c "source LinuxIntelEnv.Set.sh ; dmake"
> Much more clean, IMHO :).

Actually, that is from the previous instructions, and they worked.
Again easier to read and understand.  I will change following the above.

Thanks for the suggestions.

-- DJ Lucas

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