Some packages I'd like to see added

David Jensen djensen at
Wed Dec 29 14:03:05 PST 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> Hey Guys -
> Just throwing this out for comment - I know you're in the finishing 
> stages for BLFS-6's release...but there's a few things I'd like to 
> possibly see added in after that.  Let me know what you think:
I'm not an editor, but I'll reply anyway. :)

> Messaging software (irssi, xchat, gaim)
I like chatzilla, maybe they will release a standalone, that is, not just part 
of the mozilla suite.  Have they done that?

> Fortune (utilized by xscreensaver)
Well, my login is boring!!!

> gkrellm
This just eye candy for me,  nothing changes here!  I expect others may find 
it useful,  I used to dial and start ppp with gkrellm.
I would suggest htop as a top replacement.  It's scrollable and mouseable.

David Jensen

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