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Mon Dec 27 19:13:33 PST 2004

Anyone have any objection to adding the smtp-auth and open-ldap patches to
Postfix's instructions as optional patches?  Or at very least, a mention
of them (the last two mailsevers I built, I had to rebuild it because I
forgot them).  Just a time saver.  It's been a while, but IIRC, there are
no need to change instructions to account for them.  I'd think these would
be the most requested/common/usefull additions to postfix.

Also, a question about how far to lead in configuration of mail server
software in general.  Currently Courier has a nice long write-up (thanks
to Jim Gifford for a well written document), which is only one of the many
possible configurations.  The others seem to have only basic
configurations provided.  The instructions currently in the courier page
are well superceeded by a hint, again written by Jim.  I would like to see
them removed from the book for consistancy, but at the same time, not
removed, because the configuration information provided leaves the user
with a one-stop, working courier installation right from the get go.  I
believe we dealt with samba in the same way when it was last updated, by
adding a note that a complete samba configuration is well beyond the scope
of BLFS.


-- DJ Lucas

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