OpenOffice compilation Failures, LFS Unstable

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Mon Dec 27 18:43:50 PST 2004

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Ugh...I need to fix that in webmail.

>> I know it's fine
>> with glibc from 20040701 and gcc-3.3.4.
> Hopefully, Nathan was using something other than a default LFS-6.0
> build. If so, let's not worry about it for now. If it was an LFS-6.0
> build, we need to figure out why your build is different than his. :-)

Yes, it is definately on the back burner for now.  Way too much to get
done before BLFS-6.0.  I'll BZ it for future.  Nathan's original post said
"when testing updates glibc..."  Having said that, anyone that has seen
this issue, I'd like to know what glibc, gcc and binutils versions you are
using.  For right now, I still suspect glibc, but who knows?  The expected
window to find the cause of the breakage is around 4 months...awfull big
window to work with when rebuilding glibc. :-)  Maybe I can eliminate the
compiler with an overnight build later this week.  Binutils I'll have to
see about after current OOo (the desktop-file-utils note is
wrong..building kde now) and the two courier bugs.

-- DJ Lucas

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