Exim Upgrade

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Dec 26 22:36:44 PST 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> Hey guys!
> Since the listed version of Exim in the BLFS book is quite old, and no 
> longer even available on the FTP sites, I took a moment this evening to 
> make up a patch to the BLFS XML sources to upgrade it to the latest 
> version, 4.43.
> There are no real command changes, other than removing the symlink that 
> really shouldn't have been there in the first place.
> This brings me to a couple of comments regarding our current Exim 
> instructions:
> 1)  IMHO, we should be setting up Exim to log to syslog, not it's own 
> log files - there's a directive in Local/Makefile to do this.
> 2)  The Exim bootscript is unnecessarily noisy - currently the 
> bootscript starts exim with the -q1m flag - this causes a run of the 
> queue every minute.  Not only is this really unnecessary, but it will 
> rapidly fill up the log files with messages like this every minute:

Along with these recommendations, I'd like to propose that we more
accurately identify the optional dependencies (OpenSSL and PostgreSQL,
for sure need to be added) and describe how to use them.

I'd like to see the instructions modified to use the readline library,
and to explain how to use the optional dependencies. Currently, the way
the instructions are now, one has to research on his own how to use any
of the optional depends (this isn't huge, as it only requires modifying
the Local/Makefile), but I didn't see a way to link the libwrap library.
Also, if you simply remove the sed command as the instructions say to
build the exim monitor program, the build will fail because an additional
config file needs to be added.

Some research and additional instructions are in order, in my opinion.


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