Some thoughts on Gnumeric

Ken Moffat ken at
Wed Dec 22 16:37:08 PST 2004

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, David Jensen wrote:

> >
> I was just going to wipe my last test.  I can have a clean lfs with x and gtk
> in a couple hours.  I am not competent to test it.  I haven't touched a
> spreadsheet since 'Quatropro',  10 years maybe, and not a whiz then.
> Anyway,  I'll just add the dep's as configure complains.
> ---
> David Jensen

Cheers.  My experience is that most problems show up pretty quickly, so
the following ought to provide a good hint that most of it will work :

1. Put a number in a cell, move to the cell beneath it and enter another
number (e.g. use cells A1 and A2).  Go down to cell A3 and type
"=SUM(A1:A2)" then <return> - as you type the cell references, they
should be highlighted (one cell, then the area being summed), then when
you hit the enter key you should get a total.

2. Now you've got something there, does 'file -> print preview' give you
a representation of your spreadsheet ?  This uses libgnomeprint, at
least according to my analysis of how my latest ppc build gets to some
freetype code where it segfaults :)

3. And try help, first the link to the gnome home page (I have to admit
I symlink firefox and firefox-bin as epiphany and epiphany-bin to do
that, symlinking mozilla as epiphany should also work, or probably any
graphical browser).

4. and lastly the help contents (as of 1.2.latest you should get a
display of the gnumeric manual, but since this uses yelp I assume it
needs _some_ gnome libs).

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