Some thoughts on Gnumeric

David Jensen djensen at
Wed Dec 22 13:56:28 PST 2004

Ken Moffat wrote:
>  Do we have anybody without a gnome install able to test installing
> gnumeric without gnome, and competent to see if it works ?  I'm
> interested, but I've neither the time, nor any suitable systems, at the
> moment.  Do you have a list of all the libraries that appear to be
> optional ?  (I'm thinking that potentially it will build, but things
> like help won't work, also print preview (in 1.2) seems to use
> libgnomeprint on the way to fontconfig).
I was just going to wipe my last test.  I can have a clean lfs with x and gtk 
in a couple hours.  I am not competent to test it.  I haven't touched a 
spreadsheet since 'Quatropro',  10 years maybe, and not a whiz then.

Anyway,  I'll just add the dep's as configure complains.

David Jensen

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