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Ken Moffat ken at
Wed Dec 22 13:07:59 PST 2004

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, Randy McMurchy wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm updating BLFS to Gnumeric-1.4.1. There are some issues I'd appreciate
> if folks would comment on.
> 1. I think the package should be installed in $GNOME_PREFIX instead of
> /usr. If GNOME is installed in other than /usr, many GNOME dependant
> files are installed in awkward locations. Mime keys, bonobo servers
> and other files are installed in /usr when they really belong in


> 2. libgnomeprintui is a requirement for Gnumeric. The current BLFS
> instructions show libgnomeui as a required dependency of libgnomeprintui.
> However, Gnumeric configuration *and all the documentation* show that
> the base gnome libs (libgnome[ui], etc) are optional. This very well
> could mean that the BLFS book instructions are incorrect listing the
> gnome libs as a dependency of libgnomeprintui.
> We could leave everything as is, change the installation of Gnumeric
> to $GNOME_PREFIX and everything would probably be good. Or, we rip
> out the gnome libs as a required dependency of libgnomeprintui and
> install Gnumeric in /usr.
> Lastly, the best thing to do may be to tell the users what is going on
> and let them decide. If they don't have GNOME installed, and decide to
> just install libgnomeprintui, install the package in /usr. If they have
> the full GNOME desktop installed, install the package in $GNOME_PREFIX.

 Do we have anybody without a gnome install able to test installing
gnumeric without gnome, and competent to see if it works ?  I'm
interested, but I've neither the time, nor any suitable systems, at the
moment.  Do you have a list of all the libraries that appear to be
optional ?  (I'm thinking that potentially it will build, but things
like help won't work, also print preview (in 1.2) seems to use
libgnomeprint on the way to fontconfig).

> Also, the sysconfdir parameter should be /etc/gnome as schema files will
> be installed outside the GNOME gconf realm unless this is changed.

 Is that also true for a build in /usr without the gnome libraries ?  I
guess /etc/ might be better in that case ?

> Any suggestions, critique, help or advice is welcome. TIA.

 I've often found the build documentation, or at least late-breaking
updates on the gnumeric website, to be somewhat terse and not always
particularly clear.  Thanks for reading it and highlighting this :)

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