Some thoughts on Gnumeric

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Dec 22 10:50:14 PST 2004

Hi all,

I'm updating BLFS to Gnumeric-1.4.1. There are some issues I'd appreciate
if folks would comment on.

1. I think the package should be installed in $GNOME_PREFIX instead of
/usr. If GNOME is installed in other than /usr, many GNOME dependant
files are installed in awkward locations. Mime keys, bonobo servers
and other files are installed in /usr when they really belong in

2. libgnomeprintui is a requirement for Gnumeric. The current BLFS
instructions show libgnomeui as a required dependency of libgnomeprintui.
However, Gnumeric configuration *and all the documentation* show that
the base gnome libs (libgnome[ui], etc) are optional. This very well
could mean that the BLFS book instructions are incorrect listing the
gnome libs as a dependency of libgnomeprintui.

We could leave everything as is, change the installation of Gnumeric
to $GNOME_PREFIX and everything would probably be good. Or, we rip
out the gnome libs as a required dependency of libgnomeprintui and
install Gnumeric in /usr.

Lastly, the best thing to do may be to tell the users what is going on
and let them decide. If they don't have GNOME installed, and decide to
just install libgnomeprintui, install the package in /usr. If they have
the full GNOME desktop installed, install the package in $GNOME_PREFIX.

Also, the sysconfdir parameter should be /etc/gnome as schema files will
be installed outside the GNOME gconf realm unless this is changed.

Any suggestions, critique, help or advice is welcome. TIA.


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