Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Dec 21 14:04:32 PST 2004

charlie wrote:

> i'm not sure whether i'm allowed to post on this newsgroup as it seems 
> LFS-developper oriented, anyways... ;-)

You're replying to a thread started here, and with pertinent
information. Your comments are on-topic here.

> i recently installed gnome-2.8, one after LFS-5.1 in /usr, the other 
> after LFS-6.0 in /opt/gnome-2.8
> the latter suffers from the same problem, my .xsession-error reports 
> many unabilities to open the pixmaps.

Yes, I wish I knew what causes this. However, the simple addition
to the gnome-panelrc file takes care of it. It's a hack, but until
we figure out what is *causing* the issue, it'll have to do.

> but there's more:
> when opening theme-manager, libglade complains of not finding 
>, though it i checked it is in 
> /opt/gnome-2.8/lib/liglade/2.0/
> the consequence is theme-manager launches, but when trying to see theme 
> details, the "window" section is missing but controls and icons are here!
> hpe this will help

This issue is taken care of by defining LIBGLADE_MODULE_PATH.
The libgnomeui instructions provide the details.

Thanks for the report.


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