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Tue Dec 21 13:49:07 PST 2004

Randy McMurchy a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Don't let the length of this post keep you from reading it. :-)
> It's kind of an overview of my update to GNOME-2.8. There's a
> question at the bottom, and any advice/help/suggestions would
> be appreciated.
> A question about GNOME-2.8. After a complete installation, all appears
> to work fine. I've got no issues that come to mind. I did not install
> GnoneMeeting, as version 1.2 is right around the corner (December 13)
> and I'll wait for this version, install it and update the book. I did
> not install GDM either, as I boot to a console prompt and use startx.
> A new package *must* be added to the "Additional Packages" section to
> fully support Accessibility (libgail-gnome). The Accessibility functions
> seem to work ok, but I receive console messages about this package
> missing and some functionality is disabled. Even the screenreading
> (gnome-speech, Gnopernicus) functionality works well.
> There are probably a couple of other packages that should also be
> installed in the additional packages section. I'll review these and
> make this decision.
> I'm hoping someone can shed some light on GDM (see my previous post).
> Here's the question (problem/issue/callitwhatyoulike):
> Some of the GNOME Panel icons, in *some* themes don't display
> correctly. These are strictly the GNOME Panel icons. I receive a
> message at GNOME startup as follows:
> ** (gnome-panel:15767): WARNING **: Unable to load panel stock icon 
> 'gnome-run'
> ** (gnome-panel:15767): WARNING **: Unable to load panel stock icon 
> 'gnome-screenshot'
> And several more like this pointing to other icons.
> I could/can not figure out what exactly is wrong. I went back and
> reviewed the installation order and package version for the packages
> involved (gnome-panel, gnome icon themes, hi-color icon, gnome themes)
> and don't really notice anything glaring.
> *Some* themes work okay. Googling didn't turn up anything. So, I
> looked at the difference between the themes that work and the
> themes that don't. What I discovered is that if I add the following
> to the $GNOME_PREFIX/share/gnome-panelrc file, all works okay,
> but I still get the message listed above:
> ======================================
> pixmap_path "/opt/gnome-2.8/share/pixmaps"
> style "panel-icons"
> {
>         stock ["panel-screenshot"] =    {{"gnome-screenshot.png"}}
>         stock ["panel-gnome-logo"] =    
> {{"gnome-logo-icon-transparent.png"}}
>         stock ["panel-cde"] =           {{"cdeappmenu.png"}}
>         stock ["panel-launcher"] =      {{"launcher-program.png"}}
>         stock ["panel-run"] =           {{"gnome-run.png"}}
>         stock ["panel-drawer"] =        {{"panel-drawer.png"}}
>         stock ["panel-main-menu"] =     {{"gnome-main-menu.png"}}
>         stock ["panel-force-quit"] =    {{"panel-force-quit.png"}}
> }
> class "GtkWidget" style "panel-icons"
> ========================================
> I'm not sure if this is due to my $GNOME_PREFIX being /opt/gnome-2.8
> or what. If anyone can provide any additional information about
> this, I would appreciate it.
> If you've installed GNOME-2.8 and do or do not see this issue, please
> reply and let me know. Especially desired is your $GNOME_PREFIX.
> Thanks.

i'm not sure whether i'm allowed to post on this newsgroup as it seems 
LFS-developper oriented, anyways... ;-)
i recently installed gnome-2.8, one after LFS-5.1 in /usr, the other 
after LFS-6.0 in /opt/gnome-2.8
the latter suffers from the same problem, my .xsession-error reports 
many unabilities to open the pixmaps. but there's more:
when opening theme-manager, libglade complains of not finding, though it i checked it is in 
the consequence is theme-manager launches, but when trying to see theme 
details, the "window" section is missing but controls and icons are here!
hpe this will help


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