xine-lib-1-rc8 is out

Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Dec 21 09:22:07 PST 2004

David Jensen wrote:
> A new configure switch has been added.
> --enable-shared-xv
> it works, and should be added to the book.
> gxine -v [file] outputs:
> <snip>
> video_out_xv: using Xv port 69 from adaptor Matrox G-Series Backend 
> Scaler for hardware colorspace conversion and scaling.
> video_out_xv: this adaptor supports the yuy2 format.
> video_out_xv: this adaptor supports the yv12 format.
> </snip>
> The xine-lib-1-rc7-discover_smb-1.patch appears to still be needed, It 
> applies with a lot of offset.  It should be re-diff'd.  I can't test 
> that, so I leave it to others.

Thanks for the report, David. And actually, the SMB patch may not
be required any longer, as the Samba instructions now move the
installed libsmbclient library to /usr/lib where it belongs (instead
of /usr/lib/samba).


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