xine-lib-1-rc8 is out

David Jensen djensen at
Tue Dec 21 09:14:55 PST 2004

A new configure switch has been added.

it works, and should be added to the book.
gxine -v [file] outputs:
video_out_xv: using Xv port 69 from adaptor Matrox G-Series Backend Scaler for 
hardware colorspace conversion and scaling.
video_out_xv: this adaptor supports the yuy2 format.
video_out_xv: this adaptor supports the yv12 format.

The xine-lib-1-rc7-discover_smb-1.patch appears to still be needed, It applies 
with a lot of offset.  It should be re-diff'd.  I can't test that, so I leave 
it to others.

David Jensen

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