desktop-file-utils and XDG_DATA_DIRS

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Dec 16 06:28:46 PST 2004

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> So, I suppose I need to update the desktop-file-utils page to include
>> notes about the XDG_DATA_DIRS envar. I put a mention about this envar
>> in the shared-mime-info instructions (though it needs to be updated to
>> include a mention of GNOME and KDE in installations other than /usr),
>> but didn't mention it in the desktop-file-utils instructions.
>> Both packages use this envar! Along with adding notes in the
>> shared-mime-info and desktop-file-utils packages, I think it would be
>> prudent to add a note to the "Configuring the core GNOME/KDE packages"
>> sections to ensure XDG_DATA_DIRS is set properly and to run the
>> update-desktop-database program.
>> In fact, there probably should be some mention in the KDE section
>> about installing the desktop-file-utils package.
> Randy,  Obviously you've done a lot of work.  Thanks.  Your comments 
> above raise a couple of questions.  Should desktop-file-utils just be 
> listed as a prereq for gnome and kde?  Should shared-mime-info be listed 
> as a prereq?

desktop-file-utils is listed in the GNOME core packages section.
It is just a reminder that the package needs to be installed and
provides a link to the Chapter 10 package instructions.

For KDE, it is listed as "You should consider installing
desktop-file-utils....". It is not required, so I placed this
message in the Pre-Installation Configuration section of KDE
under the "If you're not installing in /usr" section. Again, a
link to the instructions is provided. I don't really think it
would be necessary if KDE is installed in /usr.

shared-mime-info is already a required dependency of one of the
core GNOME packages, so it will get installed with GNOME. For KDE,
I'm not sure it's required, because as best as I can tell, KDE
uses its own shared mime information database in

> Also, I got a 404 when going to 
> that is 
> referenced in the desktop-file-utils-0.10 section.

I noticed this, and fixed the incorrect URL, when I committed some
changes to the desktop-file-utils instructions. As Jeremy said, the
recent compromise of the FreeDesktop web site, lead to a rebuild of
the site, where many, many URLS have changed. We'll just have to
fix 'em as we find 'em.

> Finally, in the shared-mime-info section, the config info should 
> probably be set up as a here document dropped into /etc/profile.d

You think? If so, there's a whole slew of packages that need to
be updated like this. For KDE, though, we really need to consider
the folks that will be installing it locally in some prefix that
doesn't require root access. It doesn't matter to me if it's put
in /etc/profile.d, just let me know.


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