David Jensen djensen at
Mon Dec 13 08:21:04 PST 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
> After many, many builds of the various Moz packages, I'm less convinced
> for the need to use the .mozconfig file. You end up with the same installed
> tree and binaries using the .mozconfig or running configure manually.
> I like using configure, but Mozilla recommends using the .mozconfig file.
> I firmly believe you end up with the same results.
> What say the group?
> I'll go with whatever is decided upon within this group, and I'll not
> commit anything for a day or two. However, whatever is decided on, will
> be the build method for Mozilla, Firefox and Thunderbird.
> I'll be the first to vote.
> +1 for using configure.
I'm building Firefox now per todays unstable with --with-user-appdir=.firefox.
I'm backed up.  If  possible, email you current ideas and i can run them on 
LFS-SVN-20041206, blfs-cvs-2004-12-13.

David Jensen

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