Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Dec 13 07:33:15 PST 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> I'm convinced BLFS should probably go with the creation of a
> .mozconfig file instead of running configure. This is simply how Mozilla
> wants it done now. I suppose it's time to bite the bullet and change
> the way we do things.
> Check out This page
> is new. Here, you'll see why you can't use the 'cookie' extension with
> T-Bird and the 'typeaheadfind' extension with anything except the
> Mozilla suite.
> Hopefully, I can get Moz, T-Bird and Firefox converted over today. It's
> slow testing though, it takes about 20 minutes to build each package
> and I'm testing using different configurations to find out what is
> *really* needed and what isn't.

Again, replying to my own message. Sigh.....

After many, many builds of the various Moz packages, I'm less convinced
for the need to use the .mozconfig file. You end up with the same installed
tree and binaries using the .mozconfig or running configure manually.

I like using configure, but Mozilla recommends using the .mozconfig file.
I firmly believe you end up with the same results.

What say the group?

I'll go with whatever is decided upon within this group, and I'll not
commit anything for a day or two. However, whatever is decided on, will
be the build method for Mozilla, Firefox and Thunderbird.

I'll be the first to vote.

+1 for using configure.


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