udev instructions for alsa needed for book.

andreasa at tmrsd.tch andreasa at tmrsd.tch
Sun Dec 12 23:32:17 PST 2004

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 17:21:07 -0700, Jeremy Utley <jeremy at jutley.org> wrote:
> Matthew Burgess wrote:
>> Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>>> Jeff wrote:
>>>> Now that we use kernel sound drivers and kernel 2.6.x, the blfs book 
>>>> needs to explain how to setup udev rules to create the proper /dev 
>>>> files  that alsa's ./snddevices command creates. Since /dev is 
>>>> deleted after each reboot There sound be instructions on how to 
>>>> enter this info into
>>>> /etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev.rules. Currently I have alsa-drivers-1.0.4 
>>>> compiled and run ./snddevices each time I reboot so I can have sound 
>>>> working. I am a newbie on udev.rules though so I thought the book 
>>>> should contain instructions as it did for /etc/mocules.conf.
>>> Yes, this would be a good plan, and the LFS book uses udev's 
>>> directory-based configuration
>> Can someone tell me what I'm missing then?  Mine appear to be created 
>> automagically by udev, with the LFS' default config:


>> This is just for onboard audio with alsa support compiled in (i.e. 
>> CONFIG_SND_INTEL8X0=y).  Should I be expecting more devices to be 
>> there, or is it just that other folks may have more exotic audio 
>> setups that aren't covered by LFS' configuration?
> Yep - this should not be necessary.  Udev should create the device nodes 
> when the modules are loaded, or when udevstart is run, if the drivers 
> are compiled into the kernel.

Just wonder, as the udev permission sets 660 to the audio devices,
should I add the user to the audio group, change the permission of the
devices to 666 or is there some other way of playing music over the
/dev/snd/* devices?


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