Fw: brisbane

Julianne Gillespie dysxpdk at ofir.dk
Sun Dec 12 15:21:00 PST 2004

I found it.  This was the one you were talking about I think.    Its a good gift idea.  http://www.holidayjingle.com/info.html
You can file share dvd's, video games & music.  I already obtained 6 CD's worth of movies.
You should get a load of how many movies are in here that'l play in your dvd player - it's crazy.
Theres a section on every page that shows you how to burn the movies & music and games
I can tell you one thing, after I went through the movie section, I can't stop looking through it, theres movies in here still in theaters.
Call me later if you get the chance.


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