Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Dec 12 13:59:36 PST 2004

Ian Molton wrote:
> Matthew Burgess wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> Just to let you know, thunderbird-1.0 would appear to be working fine 
>> here, and there's no need for those 'overlays.rdf' hacks at the bottom 
>> of the current instructions. 
> Mine didnt work until I applied the hacks. I got two red errors 
> splattered about the bottom of the GUI and it wouldnt show my mail. 
> after applying them, it worked great.

I believe if you disable the "cookie" extension, we can do away with the
hacks. I will be testing this a little later. Right now I'm updating
Mozilla. I'm convinced BLFS should probably go with the creation of a
.mozconfig file instead of running configure. This is simply how Mozilla
wants it done now. I suppose it's time to bite the bullet and change
the way we do things.

Check out This page
is new. Here, you'll see why you can't use the 'cookie' extension with
T-Bird and the 'typeaheadfind' extension with anything except the
Mozilla suite.

Hopefully, I can get Moz, T-Bird and Firefox converted over today. It's
slow testing though, it takes about 20 minutes to build each package
and I'm testing using different configurations to find out what is
*really* needed and what isn't.


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