Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat Dec 11 15:59:49 PST 2004

Ian Molton wrote:
> Matthew Burgess wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> Just to let you know, thunderbird-1.0 would appear to be working fine 
>> here, and there's no need for those 'overlays.rdf' hacks at the bottom 
>> of the current instructions. 
> Mine didnt work until I applied the hacks. I got two red errors 
> splattered about the bottom of the GUI and it wouldnt show my mail. 
> after applying them, it worked great.
> I also had trouble with some venkman thing (I disabled it)

Ah, I see now I don't follow BLFS instructions in my Makefile.  I output 
stuff to .mozconfig instead of calling ./configure:

echo '.  $$topsrcdir/mail/config/mozconfig' > .mozconfig
echo 'ac_add_options --disable-debug' >> .mozconfig
echo 'ac_add_options --enable-optimize' >> .mozconfig
echo 'export BUILD_OFFICIAL=1' >> .mozconfig
echo 'export MOZILLA_OFFICIAL=1' >> .mozconfig
echo 'mk_add_options BUILD_OFFICIAL=1' >> .mozconfig
echo 'mk_add_options MOZILLA_OFFICIAL=1' >> .mozconfig
echo 'ac_add_options --enable-xft' >> .mozconfig
echo 'ac_add_options --disable-freetype2' >> .mozconfig
echo 'ac_add_options --enable-default-toolkit=gtk2' >> .mozconfig
echo 'ac_add_options --prefix=/opt/thunderbird-$(VERSION)' >> .mozconfig
echo 'ac_add_options --with-user-appdir=.thunderbird' >> .mozconfig
make -f build_all
make install
ln -sf /opt/thunderbird-1.0 /opt/thunderbird
cd /opt/thunderbird-1.0/lib/thunderbird-1.0 && \
   export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$$PWD" && \
   export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME="$$PWD" && \
   ./regxpcom && \
   ./regchrome && \
   touch `find . -name *.rdf` >> $(LOGFILE) 2>&1

>> A word of warning though: if upgrading from a previous version of thunderbird 
>> you'll have to move any '.thunderbird' directories out the way (I 
>> simply renamed mine to .thunderbird.0.8).  Failing to do this resulted 
>> in a slew of '*** loading the extensions datasource' messages on the 
>> console.
> Any other symptoms? I didnt rename mine and it appears to be working ok.

Nope, it's worked fine for me.  Though apparently thunderbird has 
support for RSS which mine appears to have omitted.  Probably missing an 
option in .mozconfig, but as I'd prefer to use firefox for RSS it's not 
a showstopper for me.



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