Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Dec 10 20:14:26 PST 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Is there a difference between the Epiphany and Galeon packages?
> Yes, they both seem actively maintained, but there is so much
> similarity it just can't be a coincidence. The README's are almost
> identical. Even down to the stupid jokes.
> The have the same dependencies and offer the same features. It
> must be that one or the other is a fork.
> Does anyone know the details about this. Does BLFS need to carry
> both?

My apologies for replying to my own post, but googling turned
up this:

It seems there are some subtle differences between the two browsers,
but is it enough to warrant carrying them both in the book?

BTW - It seems if BLFS is going to carry Galeon, we should
consider going back to the 1.2 (stable) branch. Apparently, there
were many more available features than in the 1.3 (unstable) branch
that BLFS is using now.


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