DJ Lucas dj at
Fri Dec 10 00:03:05 PST 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> DJ Lucas wrote:
>> JDK-1.5.0 is a definate no-go...unless it goes side by side with the 
>> 1.4.2 instructions.  It just breaks way too many other projects...
> What projects would those be? I haven't noticed any real issues.
> TIA.

Actually, as far as BLFS is concerned, only OOo and db that I've found 
so far...but I'm not into the server side of things yet.  Azureus, even 
pre-built against 1.4.2 doesn't like the 1.5 binary JRE.  OOo is has 
considerable breakage.  The biggie for build time is using enum and 
assert where they're not supposed to be, and that's typically only 3 
lines of diff that I've seen.  Tomcat, Ant, and Struts immediately come 
to mind as problems...actually, just about everything that falls under 
Jakarta would be affected.  Search the mailing lists at for 
enum and assert related build errors for more info.

Gentoo's devs claim hundreds of problems, but have been quite helpful in 
dealing with OOo and the J2SDK...most of the work is already done.  Heck 
the only things I have to add to their ebuild on OO is the previously 
mentioned symlink, the current test_bin_loc patch and two ft2build.h 
fixes.  They've not gotten to OOo with jdk-1.5 yet unfortunately.  I can 
probably figure it out, but I'm clueless as to dmake. It's not easy to 
follow.  As mentioned before, xdeltas are really are nice for this so as 
not to have to deal with dmake at all. Just patch the source tars, but 
xdelta would be another package to maintain that has a very limited purpose.

-- DJ Lucas

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