blfs-bootscripts patch

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Dec 9 19:03:23 PST 2004

Robert Connolly wrote:
> Hello. Please accept this patch for blfs-bootscripts. It adds setup for a new 
> frandom device that some people might have. It should get run just after the 
> random-seed script and before daemons. It doesn't need a stop script.

As far as I know, the only bootscripts in the BLFS bootscript package are
scripts that are referenced and/or utilized in the BLFS book. frandom is
not mentioned in the BLFS book.

I suppose we could make an entry on the "Random Number Generation" page
of BLFS and mention something about the frandom device and associated
bootscript, but I'll defer to Bruce to make the final decision.


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