DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Dec 9 13:57:09 PST 2004

"DJ Lucas" wrote

>> 1. OpenOffice - We need to document in the instructions what it
>> takes to build this package against LFS-6.0.
> I'm on 1.1.3..It's done...pending one more build which I started this 
> moring before I left for work.  (most of that patchset is courtesy of 
> gentoo)

That reminds me...I can't remember how STLport used to build, but I was 
gonna ask if anyone thinks it a bad idea to work around it instead of a 
version specific patch for gcc.

Here is the proposed instructions.

V=`gcc --version | sed -n '1~0p' | cut -d ' ' -f  3`
ln -sf include/c++/${V} /usr/g++-v3
# and of course after OOo is built...
rm /usr/g++-v3
-- DJ Lucas 

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